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complaint letter

Panasonic Way
Secaucus, NJ 07094
Subject: Disappointing Customer Service

Dear Mr. Ricko :
I am just so disappointed with Panasonic! I know it is strange that I am writing you, sir,
but I feel like I have to let someone at headquarters know what happened to me.
A little over a year-and-a-half ago, I purchased a Panasonic DMR EZ27 DVD Recorder.
It worked reasonably well up through its one-year warranty period.
But just a few months after the warranty expired, the unit lost its ability to read discs. I called Panasonic customer service, and the recording said to send it the “McAllen Repair Center.” Good deal, I thought, and I plunked down about $25 to get the unit in the mail. I assumed I would get a call or an email soon thereafter, letting me know how much the repair would cost.
After a month or so, I received a letter. It was from the “McAllen Exchange Center,” and
did not even address the possibility of repair. It was, in essence, a sales pitch for a
factory-reconditioned unit, with a 90 -day warranty, priced only $30 less than what I had
paid for the original, new product!
I was and still am just stunned. I immediately called to listen to the customer service
recording again, and it definitely said “McAllen Repair Center.” I got a hold of a live
person at customer service and let her know that I felt swindled. She was not
sympathetic, saying only that they would ship the useless unit back to me if I did not take
advantage of the offer.
(Apparently something I told her did resonate: I called this evening to check; the
automated recording has since been changed to say “McAllen Exchange Center.”)
Now I’m letting you know that I feel swindled by Panasonic. I have purchased many
Panasonic products throughout my life, but this one was the last.


Marketing manager

Oktober,16 Mei 2011

Marketing manager
Re : DMREZ27
Serial: 0286438

Dear Michael
Thank you for taking to contact our company.this will serve to acknowledge and respond to the letter we received Panasonic Execitive Office
Based on the information your provided,we do apologize for the inconvenience this matter has caused you, during the time your unit was recommend for service we ware in the procces of changing our factory service center into a axchange facility: previously our factory service center in mc allen.TX were repairing certain models as well as axchanging other. We apologize that we were unable to update all our system in a timely manner that reflected our decision.
We realize this response may not satisfy your complaint. However, we do thank you for taking the time to write and for allowing us to cemment on this metter
Thank you for cantacting Panasonic

Panasonic excutive office

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